Dentures and Partials

People have been looking for ways to replace missing teeth for thousands of years. Early types of dentures included ones that used real teeth, which was less than ideal because these types of dentures didn’t last long. Later, dentures made of wood became popular. Wooden dentures weren’t necessarily the most comfortable or natural-looking solution, but they did help combat some of the problems associated with tooth loss. Today, your dentist can create long-lasting and comfortable dentures and partial dentures using biocompatible materials for a natural look.

At SmileArc, we provide full dentures and partial dentures for our patients.

Full and partial dentures provide removable tooth replacement. They include a base that is created to look like your natural soft tissues, and a row of replacement teeth. A full denture stays in place with the help of natural suction, while a partial denture clips to remaining teeth.

While dentures and partials can be a great, affordable solution to the problem of missing teeth, Dr. Kamal encourages her patients to learn more about dental implants as another option for tooth replacement. Dental implants have the added bonus of being permanent, and they help support overall jaw health.


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